The time is upon us! The Age of Shipping Containers has arrived! Look at all the shipping container projects going on around the world and get inspired.

A 220 room shipping container hotel, California’s Orange County solution for homelessness, floating student housing in Copenhagen, and teaching sustainability in a shipping container: all in our monthly container news round up.

220 Room Shipping Container Holiday Inn

A new hotel made out of shipping containers is set to be built at a retail and leisure park in Trafford City, Manchester, UK. The hotel is designed by Architect Chapman Taylor and will constitute individually stacked modules on top of a podium structure.

The hotel, according to plans, will feature 220 guest rooms and will take between 2 – 4 weeks to put together. Each module (or container) will house two fully furnished ensuite rooms.

The modules which feature full height windows are fully finished in a factory off-site and delivered ready for installation. An external envelope including a single ply roofing system will then be applied once all the modules have been put in place. The project is set to be the largest container installation this year.


Solving Homelessness With Cargo Containers

In the last two years alone, the number of people living in the streets rose by more than 2,000 people in Orange County, USA. To solve this problem, one non-profit came up with an innovative quick solution to provide affordable housing; converting shipping containers into affordable accommodation.

The organisation, American Family Housing, found a vacant lot and set out to construct an apartment complex using old shipping containers. At the end of the project, the non-profit will have sixteen 480 square feet units to let.

Each housing unit will consist of three 20ft shipping containers and will feature a dining area, kitchen, bedroom and a bathroom. Tenants will be required to pay about 30% of their income while those without can get free accommodation for a short while as they look for a job.

The two-story complex will have a turnaround time of just 2 months and cost $1.9 million. While the 16 units might appear to be a drop in the ocean, it will change the way people think about addressing homelessness by showing them that there are cheap and quick solutions for the problem.


The Floating Dorms

With the high cost of housing all over the world, it can be difficult for students to get decent, affordable housing. In Copenhagen Denmark, a start-up is creating floating communities of dorms using low-cost cargo containers to provide affordable accommodation.

The modular dorms include a private kitchen, bedroom, and kitchen with a shared kayak landing, courtyard, barbecue area, bathing platform, and roof Terrance. The cost per tenant is an affordable $600 per month.


Teaching Sustainability By Example

At this point, a lot of people have already realised how important sustainability is to the survival of the world. To get the message to even more people, one lady, Kaley Foster, has taken it upon herself to teach residents, non-profit organisations and small businesses in her area about environmentally friendly construction. And as if to emphasise her message, she is doing it from a shipping container.

After hearing about how people were turning shipping containers into restaurants, homes, art installations and other things, she thought to give container conversion a shot for her own business premises. She was so happy with the result that she decided to teach others about this sustainable construction method.

Through the project, the conservationist has been able to educate about 10,000 people. Kaley also invites people to take up her own space for use a month at a time.


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