Cargo containers have been around for a couple of decades now. Over this time, we have come to trust them to deliver our goods safely through rough oceans and harsh weather. It is this hardiness that has made them popular not just in the transportation sector, but in other sectors as well. Although primarily used for goods storage and transportation, shipping containers have of late been getting a completely new job; and they’re getting really good at it.

Over the past few years, shipping containers have been gaining tremendous popularity in the building and construction sector. Although the press has a little to do with it, most of this popularity is coming from people realising that they need to be more responsible for how they use resources. Lots of people now are trying to reduce the environmental footprint they make on earth as a result of their lifestyles. And shipping containers offer the perfect starting point: building and construction.

It started with makeshift offices on project sites but with time cargo containers gained acceptance as an alternative building material for any kind of construction. You see them modified into stores now, houses, modern offices and even restaurants. With this kind of momentum, the only thing that’s limiting shipping container alternative uses is the human imagination.

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That’s the good news, let’s get to the best news.

With the growing global trade and ever-increasing trade deficit of most nations (in China’s favour), shipping container prices have been on a steady decline. This can be attributed to the high cost of sending back empty shipping containers to their country of origin after they have delivered their payloads. This leaves a lot of idle cargo containers lying around, and with about 2 million made each year the number will only continue to grow. It is this factor that has also helped shipping containers gain their current popularity outside the transportation sector.

At Tiger Containers, we understand the importance of protecting our environment and the numerous uses that can be derived from the shipping container. That is why on top of selling high quality new and second-hand containers, we also help you make the necessary modifications to suit your needs. Because after all, if we do not take care of our planet, who will?

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Quality Shipping Container Supplier To Australia. Tiger containers, one of the largest suppliers of shipping containers in Australia, supplies both new and used shipping containers locally and internationally. In addition to supplying them, Tiger containers also specialises in container modifications and can turn a simple cargo container into a structure of your choosing depending on your needs.

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