Take a peek to see how shipping containers have been repurposed all around the world. Pizza from a shipping container, a different kind of wedding, sea container kindergarten and more from around the world.

Feeding The Masses

It’s good news for Sydney residents who like to enjoy their food on the go. Da Mario’s is the newest mobile food “truck” to open up in Sydney. The pop up restaurant will be serving authentic pizza with a certification from the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.

Source: broadsheet.com.au

It’s made from a re-fitted shipping container designed by interior designer Victoria Hampshire and built by Tiger Containers. Their plan is to set up shop in one location for a few weeks before moving to another to give Sydney residents from different parts a chance to savour their creations.

The Creative Wedding

A couple in China thought outside the box and decided to have their wedding inside a box. The couple who were looking to exchange vows in a unique way found a shipping container hotel in South China to be unique enough for them to get married in. Shipping container hotels are popping up the world over.

Source: womenofchina.cn

Studying In A Cargo Container

With Japan having experienced 20 earthquakes of 7.0 or higher magnitude since 2006, OA kindergarten’s administration realised that their ageing buildings could not adequately protect students.

With the help of two architectural firms, the school constructed a small campus made entirely from shipping containers with a few parts salvaged from the old buildings. They chose shipping containers because of their strength and ability to retain their shape under immense weight.

Source: techinsider.io

Hope For Homeless Veterans

An organisation in the U.S. is helping homeless veterans put a roof over their heads by constructing housing units using sea containers. The eco-friendly project uses up-cycled cargo containers to provide permanent housing solutions for neglected veterans. Because of their affordability and reduced construction time and cost, the group was able to commission the first 16 housing units each with a living space of 480-square-feet.

Source: marketwired.com

Published by Tiger Containers

Quality Shipping Container Supplier To Australia. Tiger containers, one of the largest suppliers of shipping containers in Australia, supplies both new and used shipping containers locally and internationally. In addition to supplying them, Tiger containers also specialises in container modifications and can turn a simple cargo container into a structure of your choosing depending on your needs.

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