Shipping containers are individually strong units capable of carrying loads of greater than 25 tons with the capability of supporting 9 other fully loaded containers on top of them. These amazing capabilities make them ideal for a variety of applications. They offer a wide range of options for modifications which are only limited to the creativity and technical ability of the designer.

With new containers utilizing corten steel for their construction, containers have become more resistant to rust – their greatest adversary—making them much more durable as compared to other forms of modular structures. Their ability to be placed anywhere without requiring a great amount of ground preparation also makes them ideal for ‘mobile-space’ applications.

Other factors that make shipping containers ideal for portable storage include:

  • Availability. The number of idle shipping containers around the world will only continue to grow as international trade develops.
  • Affordability. With just a couple of thousand dollars, you can acquire a shipping container and modify it to a space suitable for your needs.

All this is well and good, but I bet you are wondering how these steel boxes can help you store temperature sensitive goods. Well, shipping containers can also be converted to fully functional self-contained refrigerator units that can be used as cold rooms.

Refrigerated Shipping Container – Mobile Cold Rooms.

If you are an event organiser or offer catering services, then refrigerated shipping containers offer a real solution for storing your perishable items. Be it beverages, raw or cooked food, or any other item that requires cold storage, cold shipping containers will prove invaluable. They provide the functionality of a cold room combined with the flexibility of a shipping container.

What makes refrigerated shipping containers good for event storage is that they offer a quick and easy solution for a problem that would have cost a lot of time and money to solve. Since events only take place over a limited period of time, it would not make economic sense to build a cold room. Using commercial refrigerators may also not be feasible due to their limited capacity and relatively fragile nature which could result in damage during transit. Cold shipping containers are roomy, rugged and can function as an independent unit making them ideal for places not serviced by grid power.

Having a cold room at hand can enable a caterer to prepare food in bulk for events that last for more than one day without having to worry about the food going bad. It will also increase your menu options as more exotic foods such as sea food, fresh meats and even ice cream and other frozen desserts – if you use a freezer Shipping Container—can be offered. This in effect will transform any remote location into a fully functional restaurant with all the meal offerings.

Refrigerated shipping containers will also improve the food hygiene. This is because food is stored in a highly secure box that has been modified to resemble (in functionality) a real cold room rather than a makeshift facility built on the fly. In addition to this, food and other stored items will be secure from physical damage from the elements and theft as shipping containers are constructed to offer this kind of security during transit.

Benefits Of Refrigerated Shipping Containers

The benefits of using a refrigerated shipping container for cold storage are numerous. They include:

  1. Flexibility – Just like their counterparts (dry good containers), refrigerated containers are very flexible in terms of use. They can be modified to suit the current refrigeration need. Racks and partitions can be installed for smaller items or removed when you need to store larger items. You can also use the same container with the power off to store other items that do not need refrigeration.
  2. Easy to transport – Refrigerated shipping containers are easy to transport from one event to another and thus are suitable for someone catering to several events. The refrigerated container will be able to utilise the available infrastructure already in use for regular shipping containers ensuring that logistics costs remain low.
  3. Easy set up – Cold shipping containers and freezer shipping containers are easy to set up and operate. Just load it onto a truck, deliver it to the destination of use, unload it onto a flat ground and you are good to go. Depending on the power option you choose you can either plug it in or run it with its own generator.
  4. Numerous power options – refrigerated shipping containers can be powered via several power sources. You can have one that is fuel powered for off the grid use or one that plugs into a power outlet to use readily available power. This makes sure that no matter where the freezer container is being used, it will still function with or without grid power.
  5. Durability – Refrigerated shipping containers are (and all shipping containers generally are) designed to withstand harsh treatment during long sea and land journeys. This means that your cold storage facility will last for a long time before requiring major repairs or replacement.

Shipping container usage out of the traditional realms is increasing by the day, the world over. The advantages are numerous and applications unlimited. Mobile cold rooms are just one of the most significant areas where these ‘wonder boxes’ can be utilised with great results. Solve all your cold storage needs with one of mankind’s greatest inventions.

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