There’re several reasons why you’d want to renovate your home: you might want to do it to update its functionality by adding more space or undertaking major repairs, or you might be doing it in order to update its aesthetic. Either way, home renos give the home owner the opportunity to spruce up and improve their home.

There’s one downside to renovations however – where to keep all the stuff. That’s because when you’re carrying out construction work on your house, you’ll need somewhere safe to keep your household items where they won’t be damaged or interfere with the ongoing works.

If this is a problem you’re grappling with, then a shed might be exactly what the doctor ordered. An outdoor shed either on the backyard or upfront can be of tremendous use to anyone who’s undertaking a home renovation of any significant magnitude.

With a shed, you get a place to store all your furniture, appliances and personal effects safe from the elements leaving your house clear and ready to be worked on. And if you are the handy type, you could even set up the shed as a workshop and carry out some of the works needed for the repairs right there in your backyard.

Shipping container sheds save the day

But with all the work and money going into your home renovation, you might think that setting up a shed will only tear a larger hole in your pockets. But not really.

By constructing your outdoor shed using a shipping container, you can make significant cost savings and reduce the time it will take to put up the shed significantly. In other words, you can get a shed at a fraction of the cost and have it set up in no time at all.

Shipping containers have been in use for construction purposes for a couple of decades now. With a few modifications, you can easily turn a regular shipping container into pretty much anything you desire from sheds to complete family dwellings with all the comforts and amenities.

There’re several reasons why you’d want to build your shed for the home reno using a shipping container. Here are five key reasons why building a shed using a cargo container is a worthwhile idea.

  1. It’s affordable. When you’re carrying out renovation works for your house, the last thing you want to hear is talk about starting an entirely new project. With finances already overstretched, investing in a shed might seem counterintuitive. By using a shipping container to build your shed, construction costs can be kept low thus making the project viable.

Shipping containers are pretty cheap, especially if you go for second-hand units that have previously been owned. Since the container is already a complete structure in itself, you can even forego any modifications and just use it as it is – a readymade shed.

  • Quick build. For a shed whose main job is to support the renovation works taking place in your house, quick construction is especially key in order to get the project going without much delay. Luckily, building a container shed is a quick and straightforward process as the container merely needs a couple of modifications to get it ready.

If you do need to make modifications, you can have them done offsite in a workshop and the final unit delivered to your residence ready for immediate use; plug-and-play style.

  • Secure storage. The main job of shipping containers is protecting cargo from weather damage, theft and breakage. This makes the container an ideal choice for storing your valuable house items in the interim as you fix up your house.

When properly sealed, a shipping container will effectively keep your items secure from the weather, pests and vermin, and thieves. All this without the extra cost and inconvenience of having your items stored in a storage facility.

  • Various capacities/sizes. As you might know, shipping containers are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 10ft all the way to 40ft. This gives you options in terms of the size of shed you need for your project.

If you only require a small amount of space, then you can opt for a smaller container. If, however, you require more space, you can get the mega 40ft container and even add more containers if need be to make sure everything fits.

  • Easy reuse. If at the end of the project you feel that you don’t require an outdoor shed anymore, the shipping container is versatile and offers a range of options when it comes to conversions.

With a few inexpensive modifications, you can turn the container from a shed to a granny flat, a garage or home office to make it more suited to your current needs. And with the durability of a shipping container, you can expect the structure to last a mighty long time.

Suffice to say, a shipping container shed for your home renovations can be of extreme use. You can use it to store your stuff, do projects relating to the ongoing renovations, or use it as a getaway for those times it’s just too noisy in the house under construction.

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