If you’ve been keen, you might have probably noticed that shipping containers are being modified into all sorts of buildings, from elaborate homes to simple worksite offices. With their rapid adoption for construction and the immense benefits they offer, it was only a matter of time before these utilitarian metal boxes found their way into the education sector.

Education and container conversions just seem to go well together. From shipping container classrooms to workshops and laboratories, there’re a myriad ways the cargo container can be repurposed for educational use. And they have been all over Australia and globally.

Shipping containers can be used to create functional and comfortable classroom space for housing students during lessons. Depending on the need, cargo containers can be used to setup either permanent or temporary classrooms quickly and cost effectively.

Sturdy classrooms at a fraction of the cost

Building a classroom using traditional brick and mortar can be an expensive undertaking. As such, building new schools or increasing student capacity to existing schools can be hindered by limited budgets. By using shipping containers to construct classrooms and other supporting buildings, entire schools can be constructed at a significantly reduced cost as compared to building using traditional materials.

Once shipping containers are retired from shipping, they are made available to the general public to buy and use them as they wish. Finding high-quality second-hand shipping containers is therefore easy, and their prices are very affordable – which makes them a compelling alternative for any kind of construction project.

Additionally, sea container classrooms can be modified and outfitted off-site in a factory before being delivered for installation at the worksite. This makes the conversion works cost a lot less as most of the work can be done at a specialised facility without the need to move personnel and equipment to the worksite.

High-quality, fast construction

It would take you multiple weeks to complete a classroom if you were to put it up with traditional brick and mortar. And to save on time, some compromises might need to be made when constructing the classroom buildings. With storage containers, you can build quickly without having to compromise on the quality of the building.

On their own, shipping containers are already extremely robust and self-sufficient structures. No further work is, therefore, needed to create the classroom’s shell. It’s only slight modifications and additions that are needed to make the container a functional learning space.

The necessary modifications can be made offsite before final assembly is done onsite. This will help save a tremendous amount of time. By using cargo containers to build classrooms, construction time could be cut down to a few days – the amount of time it takes to assemble the modular units on location.

Long-lasting buildings

To be useful for their original use of transporting cargo, sea containers are made extremely tough and durable. This means that classrooms constructed using these containers can last just as long – if not longer – as those made with regular construction materials.

Worried about ongoing maintenance? You don’t need to be. Once installed, cargo container classrooms require minimum maintenance to keep them in tip-top shape. They’ll withstand the elements, normal wear and tear, and student wear.

Classrooms you can move

Cargo containers are designed to be as easy and as convenient to move from one place to another as possible. You can easily move them on seas, on roads and even on rails without the need to make any additional modifications. And what’s more, transportation of container units is a relatively cheap undertaking since the infrastructure and equipment needed is readily available.

This makes container classrooms an ideal solution for situations where portability is needed such as providing schooling solutions to nomads and similar communities that are constantly on the move.

Additionally, for purposes such as aid work or disaster relief, fully built and outfitted shipping containers can be delivered to communities where they are needed ready to be used. And once their job is done, they can be shipped off to another location for similar use or to be repurposed for other purposes.

Off-grid studying made possible

It can be difficult to install infrastructure such as schools in fur-flung remote places. Cargo containers provide the perfect solution for providing quality off-the-grid schooling solutions.

Container units can be outfitted with all the necessary amenities including ablution blocks, indoor play spaces, commercial kitchens, dinning halls and recreational facilities to provide a complete and normal school experience to off-the-grid and remote communities.

No need to worry if the area you want to put up the classrooms lacks infrastructure or skilled manpower; all work can be done in an offsite facility and the units transported to the site ready for use.

In conclusion…

As you can see from all these benefits, shipping containers provide a cost and time-effective way of putting up classrooms that feel and function just like regular classrooms made of traditional brick and mortar.

In addition, storage container classrooms provide additional benefits in that they will last for long, can be moved easily, and are suitable for off-the-grid installation and use. What’s more, reusing shipping containers is great for the environment!

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