When most people think of a shipping container, they picture it on a big ship, a truck, train or in a port somewhere. It might not have occurred to you but shipping containers are not just used for moving things; but also offer superb storage capacity. 

Think about it: shipping containers protect goods stored in them over long journeys that could stretch on for months. Imagine how well they will do for goods protection when they are just lying in your property away from all the harsh conditions of transit.

If you are in need of extra storage space, a shipping container offers the best solution. You can choose between buying and hiring a shipping container. I would recommend hiring if the need is not long-term so that you can remove the container easily when you are done.

Infographic from Tiger Containers



Infographic from Tiger Containers

  1. Serving seasonal needs – every once in a while, everyone needs some additional storage space. If you are in the retail industry, you may be required to transform your store with changing seasons. Some excess inventory may require moving from the sales floor or you may need to store some out-of-season items in a safe and affordable way. At home, you may need to store away seasonal clothing such as winter coats, boats or jet skis. Seasonal items like these make your space feel cluttered in the months they’re not needed. If your storage space is inadequate for storing your off-season items, simply hire a shipping container, pack your things inside, seal it and forget about them until the next time you need them.
  2. Flexibility – Shipping containers offer storage space whenever you need it. Whether it is a temporary or a seasonal need, shipping containers provide safe storage for your items without requiring you to commit to a storage space that may not be needed in just a few months.  Furthermore, containers come in different sizes to suit different needs.
  3. Easy transportation – If you store your items and then realize that they are needed at a different location, transportation can be done easily using the already available infrastructure for containers. Whether on land or by sea, moving cargo packaged inside a container has never been easier. This combination of storage and moving capabilities could prove ideal for many circumstances.
  4. Helps you to make a smooth transition – Storing your goods in a shipping container affords you more time to look for a place to put them. Relocation previously meant loading your things in a truck, transporting them to the new location, and then unloading them as fast as possible. This is no longer necessary when shipping containers are used. You can take as much time as you want when loading and offloading your items. Most moving companies start charging fees for storing boxes during a household move after a day or two. Shipping containers will, however, be stored for longer at no cost. This makes shipping containers ideal for transitions such as when buying a new house.
  5. Cost saving – Most often than not, hiring a shipping container is much cheaper than renting a self-storage unit. Whether your storage needs are long-term or short-term, a shipping container offers a convenient and affordable option.

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Quality Shipping Container Supplier To Australia. Tiger containers, one of the largest suppliers of shipping containers in Australia, supplies both new and used shipping containers locally and internationally. In addition to supplying them, Tiger containers also specialises in container modifications and can turn a simple cargo container into a structure of your choosing depending on your needs.

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